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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Moriarty was real. I believe in Sherlock.

Sherlock is back, preferring to text and plastering himself with nicotine patches.

What is the best thing about Sherlock? Is it his fabulous name? The fact that he is so awesome that his name has become both an improper noun and a verb? His sensational texts? (God, I hope they make a book of them at the end.)

If you know me at all, probably you think I would say that my favorite thing is his total lack of enthusiasm for the solar system, a thing I am inclined to rather detest, myself. This is not, however, my favorite thing about dear Sherlock.
...And despite the fact that I completely adore Johnlock, the incredible friendship between the bantam friends (a friendship that almost turns into a character on its own)... no, even that is not it.
My favorite--my very favorite-- thing about this show is the raw humanization of Sherlock that Benedict is able to swing. The showing of Sherlock as a companion, as someone who gets afraid of losing the people he loves, as someone who feels intense emotion... that is incredible. No one else does it like he does. Yes, I do love Jeremy Brett and his portrayal of the be-deerstalkered sleuth, but watching Benedict make a sociopath with asberger's into a living soul rather than a heartless android? SHERlocked.

Going crazy waiting for Season 3. Could be dangerous.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

this is just a post of pictures i find hilarious or delightful and do not want to lose.

adorable. just lovely.

picture a girl left for me after class one day. my kids were always leaving me sherlock messages.


bing! smile!