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Sunday, 10 October 2010

i take issue with posting things

and here is that issue: why must one type in things like "dicturbo" (written in squiggly neon letters) before comments/posts? yes, to prove we are people, but whyyyyy? also, why is there a picture of a person in a wheelchair next to the squiggly word-to-be-typed? are the handicapped somehow let off the hook?

(it's actually not that bad, i'm just getting excited about posting things now.)

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  1. And there it black and white..and I really studied human nature..and I studied how the body translates it onto muscles and facial helps when you are a directress and trying to guide young children...and I see it very clearly on every photo and video of DICK CHENEY.
    And we do know your little criminal codes but I am talking plainly about the incessant SMIRK.
    It is a toxic expression when constantly plastered across the human face and he
    ruled the world with it?
    A SMIRK?
    And even more than that, he emphasized it with aggression, despising and finally, utter revulsion for the sick and the poor and probably racism had a lot to
    do with it.
    And the legislation that he and Bush supported, reflected that.
    That GREED ARK.
    That HATE FACE.
    And so," One Smirk" with ONTARIO and NEVADA explosives and RICK'S SETAIN?
    In " S& M"?
    Is it any wonder USA has been destroyed morally, with gangsters who pretended to lead in" vision".
    It is now in view...this term they use as " FKPERE".
    They " fuck" not only children, but the entire planet with SQUANDA.
    And they CODESSE'd the entire planet.
    And they even used music with GERRIZZO to help.
    We shall remember that.