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Saturday, 16 October 2010

wordle à la Françis Cabrel (ou bien Gerald De Palmas)

In honor of the French Praxis i took this morning (and not in honor of my spanish-speaking seat partner who blabbed for like 50 minutes of the thing) i have created a gallery of wordles made of the lyrics of french songs. real french songs that don't come from africa.
yes, i am bitter. this is because 70% of the culture was on african things, when it was a test on france, and i have yet to discover what a nokhakha is. (although i slam-dunked algeria on the map.)

welcome to the homage of français french.

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  1. That SUCKS! Oh man! I mean....I realize that a good portion of Africa speaks French but why in the world would you teach that 70% of the time in a French classroom!? YOU WOULDN'T! Maybe a few lessons to be like, "Hey look! Cool facts about the French language!"

    I'd be bitter too!