the world is quiet here

Sunday, 10 October 2010

hurray new blog, you have created yourself with very little help from me. and while i'm at it, let me just wish you a happy birthday!
(relief! finally someplace where i can write and don't have to feel guilty about NEVER EVER using caps. that was a one-time exception. oh, and rampant, boardering on epidemic comma usage! hurray! all friends who have bugged me about my ungovernable commas, you may suck it now!)
ohmigosh. blog perhaps = drug that makes you demented and liable to yell at your friends?

well, here is something that will redeem me: the most awesome of the Learn. Genetics cell size and scale websites.   GIANT COFFEE BEANS!

the only place where a coffee bean looks like it can crush your Escalade.


  1. I also love commas! Plus the relative size link was so cool! Sometimes I think about really small things in my spare time, so it was kind of like being in my own brain!

  2. yes, yes! commas are so curley and cute and beg to be included in every sentence. some sentences i can drop them off at daycare (leave them out) but 18 times out of 20, they end up coming along for the ride.