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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Napoleon at his best.

Think of your favorite Jacques-Louis David painting...

Are you thinking of a turban-ed, eczema ridden dead guy just chillin out in the bath tub?

Not me. Check this out.

Just look at those gams!

And holy crap, he certainly seems to be storing a lot of stuff in those pants...

Love this painting....oh and all the néo-classissisme drama that goes with it? Love that too.

Of course, Napoleon is here depicted as a Roman emperor (can't you tell by the hair?)

Oh, and look how tirelessly he is working for the's 3h20 on the clock, and see how low his candle is? Another sleepless night spent working, working away.

My personal favorite speculations about this painting are those about the wrinkely-ness of the rug. Yeah, this is a real thing. Scholars suggest that the rug has attained this level of wrinkely-ness because he just jumped up to have this 20ft portrait painted of the middle of the night.

I humbly suggest this alternative: Napoleon liked to watch other people trip.

There is often much confusion about who this painter, Jacques-Louis David is.

Is he this man?

No, no he is not. this is Ingres.


Autoportrait (1794) — Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.


In case you ever become confused, you might want to perform this test I taught my students. "The man who painted this... does he look homeless?" 
Probably David.

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